Welcome to the Re-Design

Welcome to the brand new redesign of the hoop(s) brain.  I hope you like it.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Welcome to the Re-Design

  1. hey great site. I have a word press site with the buddy press plugin overlay. I just started it last week and i LOVE this app. Like you I am accustom to building sites the “old fashion” way of hard html code. I came across your site by accident from another site you build for a game I play. just wanted to say thanks for that site its awesome, and any tips for getting the most out of wordpress would be greatly appreciated. By the way mac is good its not windows but linux rules. I run Ubuntu 11.10 the new one on a old laptop. also I can run any other OS inside a VM window for testing. right now i have 7, XP and vista ISO I can boot. take care… Joe

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