Double Desktop Friday!

What the HeckBoy, it sure has been a while since I’ve made any sort of new post.  What can I say, things happen.  To help make up for that, I’ve got TWO brand-spankin’ new desktop pictures/wallpaper for you.

Once again, I’m appealing to those poor fellows (like me) that don’t have a gargantuan monitor yet, so both of these desktops/wallpapers are at 1024×768 resolution.  The first pic is called What the Heck and the second pic is simply entitled Room.

RoomYou can download both desktop pictures/wallpaper/background thingies on the Desktops page.  Enjoy!

New Desktop Picture (Wallpaper) – “Soothing Static”

Soothing StaticIt’s about that time.  About that time to release another new desktop pic!  This week I’ve got another oldie, but goodie for you.  This one is called Soothing Static.  I actually created this picture in The Gimp.  I still think it’s pretty cool, and is available in 1024×768 resolution.  Head on over to the Desktops page to download it.

New Desktop Picture (Wallpaper) – “Mad Experiment”

Mad ExperimentTime to post some more cool desktops for ya’ll!  Today’s new desktop picture is actually one that I created years ago, but I’m re-releasing it for you today.  It’s called Mad Experiment and that’s exactly how I created it.  Might’ve taken me a whole 10 minutes to do it, I don’t really remember…  Anyway, head on over to the Desktops page and grab this blast from the past!

A New Day, a New Desktop Picture – “Living Smoke”

Living SmokeWell, it was about time I came up with another Desktop Picture for your internet enjoyment.  This new picture is just a cool experiment I came up with in Apophysis.  This is a new tool for me to use, but I find fractals fascinating, so you will probably see some more experiments like this in the future.  Head on over to the Desktops page to download this new picture called Living Smoke.