A Whole New World

car-jumpI’m writing my first ever blog post today. It’s pretty exciting, even though I’m not really sure what I’m doing. But it seems like that is something that is happening more and more. I believe people call that The Learning Process.

This is my first time using WordPress. I used to do all my sites by hand, coding every last bit and character. While that is fun and fulfilling, it doesn’t make sense for most people. I know average Joe and average Jane out there aren’t comfortable with making updates to their site in a text editor. The beauty of this is that it really makes things easier for me too. Kiddies, as you get older you will begin to realize that.

So where do we go from here? I’m not certain exactly. I suppose you will see some random blog posts here and there. I do know that I’ve got a lot of material waiting to be posted online. So I will have plenty of things to release on a regular basis. Some of my old content that was posted on my previous sites can be found here now, so at least there is something to look at.

So stay tuned, and you might see something you like later on. Have a nice day.


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